Sectional Directors

The Illinois District Children's Ministry is blessed to have a great group of talented and dedicated Sectional Directors.  These fine Directors carry the passion and burden of Illinois Children's Ministries to their local section and promote such events as Bible Quizzing, TOM-Teacher of the Month, Holy Ghost Kids Rallies, Save Our Children and Kids Camp.

Section 1 Director

Tyler Elledge

Bro Ty and Sis Amber Elledge have been married for over 8 years with one child, Andrew. They were youth pastors at Shawnee Worship Center in Vienna from 2009 to 2015. They served with the sectional youth committee from 2009 till he was elected youth director of Section One in 2011. They served in this capacity till March 2017 , when they were elected to the Sunday School committee. Amber is currently Illinois District News'Section One reporter. Ty is a full time correctional officer. He has been involved with and led many ministries in Shawnee Worship Center. Amber is a registered respiratory therapist. She also has been involved in multiple ministries in Shawnee Worship Center. She is also a lead Sunday school teacher for ages 9-12  and children's choir coordinator. Ty and Amber evangelize together but are based primarily in Vienna, IL.

Section 2 Director

Thomas Bevis

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Section 3 Director

Caleb Stroud

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Section 4 Director

Nathan Gomez

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Section 5 Director

Sam Hester

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Section 6 Director

Todd Dugal

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Todd Dugal, and his beautiful wife Carla, have lived in Quincy, IL, since 1991. They have been blessed with two wonderful sons, Nicholas and Nathaniel.  Todd is a general licensed minister with the UPCI and was elected to serve as Section 6 Children’s Ministry  Director since 2015.  Todd and Carla have been very active with their church, Calvary Tabernacle of Quincy, and currently serve as Care Pastor, Music Director, Sunday School Teachers, and have worked as Youth Pastors over the years.  Todd’s heart and passion is to work helping others and sharing the love of Jesus.  

Section 7 Director

Dennis Killman

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Section 8 Director

Phil Wagoner

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Phil is a licensed minister with the UPCI. For the last 32 years, He and his wife have run a successful business called "Grass Roots" which provides fertilizer/weed control application to residential/commercial lawns. He has been married to his wife Sherri for 38 years. He is blessed with two grown adult children: Danielle (Andrew) Garvin who pastor the Crosspoint Apostolic Sanctuary in Paris, Illinois and Caleb (Bethany) Wagoner who also resides in Paris and is a rural carrier for the USPS. Phil also has three grandchildren, Tenley (6), Maci (4), and Ellison (1 month)

Phil has been ministering to groups of all ages for over 30 years. For the last 13 years he has been a Children's Evangelist with the UPCI. He has ministered in 37states across the nation preaching and teaching the message to children and adults alike. Before becoming a Children’s Evangelist, he worked as a Sunday School teacher and children's church worker. He has a creative personality and incorporates a dynamic blend of illusions, balloons and science object lessons into a power-packed Holy Ghost anointed service that will minister to any churches needs. He uses several unique characters to connect to children at their level. He will leave them scratching their heads as he performs a variety of illusions that will baffle any age group. Using silly props and plenty of audience participation he is planting seeds of scripture deep within each child’s heart. The lessons taught allow the children to understand Biblical truths that will be remembered for years to come. His outgoing personality and quick-witted humor always achieves him instant rapport with his audience. 

 Since answering the Lord’s call, Phil has seen thousands of kids receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

 In this day and age of drugs, peer pressure, violence, and child abuse, he has accepted the call of God, to minister anointed eye level sermons to the leaders of tomorrow.

Experience an apostolic, Holy Ghost outpouring at your next children’s prayer revival, vacation bible school, kids crusade, or any other event that you are planning.  Contact Phil at the email listed to schedule your next Children's revival, rally, camp or crusade!


Section 9 Director

Aaron Blevins

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   Aaron and Erica Blevins live in Heyworth, IL, and were married in 2014.  They serve as the Children's Pastor at Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Bloomington, IL.  You'll find them leading 5th Sunday Children's Church, teaching the Kingz Kids Class on Wednesday nights as well as teaching a Pre-Teen Class on Sunday mornings.

  Aaron is a locally licensed minister and serves on the Usher/Security Team.  In addition to helping her husband, Erica is a praise singer, assists in directing the choir, running sound, and plays the auxiliary keyboard.

Section 10 Director

John Heil

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Section 11 Director

William Cobb III

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Section 12 Director

Vicki Gonzalez

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   Sister Vicki Gonzalez, and her husband Rev. Ric Gonzalez came to the Chicago area as metro missionaries in 1996.  They started International Christian Fellowship (ICF) in June of 1996 and to date have 4  campuses throughout the Chicago-metro area.  Brother Gonzalez is currently the presbyter of Section 12.  Sister Vicki is a licensed minister, speaker, musician, and has taught in Children's and Youth Ministry for over 30 years.  Her and her husband have been married for 33 years and have three married children, two grandchildren: all serving the Lord at ICF.

  April 2020  
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