Teacher Appreciation
Illinois Leader: Aaron Blevins

Sunday school teachers are the largest group of volunteer workers in the church, and in some cases, the most overlooked. The Teacher of the Month program is an effort by the General Sunday School Division to raise the visibility of Sunday school teachers and to draw attention to the imperative ministry they render to the church. We understand that we cannot determine the best teacher in North America, but this symbolic gesture will help find and acknowledge good teachers. Many teachers will be inspired by the attention given to this ministry and be made to understand the church really cares about them.

Do you know a teacher who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, skill, and love of ministry? If so, nominate him or her as a Teacher-of-the-Month. The selected teachers will be honored in the Pentecostal Herald and Christian Educator magazines. To recommend an exceptional teacher, fill out the nomination application by clicking here and also submit a photo:

Teacher of the Month Printable PDF   OR  Teacher of the Month Application Breeze Form   

NOTE: If you use the printable PDF version, please email the completed form to Bro. Aaron Blevins at nominate@illinikids.org



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   August 2019   
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