Sectional Directors

Section 1 Director

Tyler Elledge

Bro Ty and Sis Amber Elledge have been married for over 8 years with one child, Andrew. They were youth pastors at Shawnee Worship Center in Vienna from 2009 to 2015. They served with the sectional youth committee from 2009 till he was elected youth director of Section One in 2011. They served in this capacity till March 2017 , when they were elected to the Sunday School committee. Amber is currently Illinois District News'Section One reporter. Ty is a full time correctional officer. He has been involved with and led many ministries in Shawnee Worship Center. Amber is a registered respiratory therapist. She also has been involved in multiple ministries in Shawnee Worship Center. She is also a lead Sunday school teacher for ages 9-12  and children's choir coordinator. Ty and Amber evangelize together but are based primarily in Vienna, IL.

  April 2020  
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